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The Journal is the "in house" magazine of the Double O Gauge Association. Now in COLOUR!

Featuring articles from the membership, it covers a wide variety of topics. Members have been able to read about everything from product reviews to scratchbuilding.

We have made a small selection of our articles available for you to download and enjoy. To make things easier these have been loosely grouped.

If you fancy some more reading, don't forget our "History of OO Gauge".

If the selection above has whetted your appetite, Journal back issues are available to both members and non-members from the DOGA Shop at bargain prices.

It is hoped to have included on this site, some excerpts from the JournalThese will include some of the photographs reproduced in colour.

Elsewhere (Journal of the Double O Gauge Association, Summer 2016) I have written a high-falutin' treatise to the effect that compensating the chassis of a OO gauge engine is a GOOD THING, and it's not just a matter of keeping it on the track: it just rides better.

Maybe a bit more proof of the pudding is in order.

My track isn't the most perfect in the world, and there are places where elderly 2x1 deal shows its limitations by distorting and leaving a hump where baseboards join,.

Watch the sequences and see how a rigid chassis (Hornby Black 5) rears up at the front whilst crossing such a hump, marked by the white blob at rail level, whilst a fully compensated GC/LNER A5 oozes over it.


Black 5




Journal front