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Whitefriargate Goods

An overall view of the layout
Silver Fox 05 shunts


Stephen Siddle has been hard at work with his boxfile layout. As you can see he is using normal PECO track which will be ballasted up to the sleepertops to hide its HO'nes.

Trains have already run - a Bachmann 08 has explored the track although a little more filing is needed to stop it hitting one side of the entrance hole. Since the sides are chipboard this won't be a problem.

Although the track is working, Stephen is wiring in changeover switches for the frog polarity to avoid relying entirely on point balde contact.
Boxfile Jan 2004 This was the state of play in January 2004. Scenic work was progressing well. As you can see, Stephen is using PECO point motors, while these have to be fitted above the "baseboard" top, they can be disguised by small buildings.

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