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The DOGA box file challenge

The Results are in !

The competition took place at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition 2004.

The models were displayed on the DOGA stand and members were asked to rate each one between 1 (Magnificent) to 10 (Not very good). The votes were counted and an average score produced. The lowest score wins the class.

You can remind yourself of the rules here.

Thanks to all who entered or voted.

Class 1 - Dioramas.

Winner: The Bridge "People in a hurry"

The Bridge


Class 2 - Working layouts

This was amazing, we had to entrants and the result was:

Dead Heat.

Both layouts had exactly the same average score. This isn't a fiddle, both ended up with an average score of 2.8 after I counted the votes twice !

The Clockworks

Clockworks Railway
Overall view of the Clockworks

The Clockworks featured both standard and narrow gauge railways. Not only this but the layout is a tail chaser thanks to fold out fiddle yards.

Whitefriargate Goods

Whitefriargate Goods Whitefriargate Goods

Whitefriargate Goods is a compact shunting yard. The fiddle yard is included and this features an ingenious traverser. More information about this layout

More details of these models will appear in forthcoming DOGA Journals once we have twisted the builders arms.