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AGM Modelling Competition 2010

  Class 1 - Kitbuilt and scratchbuilt locomotives

Winner: LSWR B4 by Alan Harding

Falcon Brass kit. DS10 Motor, Perseverance Gear mount. Romford 60:1 gears. Romford Wheels. Link beam compensation. Lots of extra detail.

Southern Region Push Pull H class locomotivLSWR B4

Second: Hunslet Dock Shunter by Phil Parker

Detailed Silver Fox resin body on Tenshodo SPUD

Hunslet Dock Shunter
  Class 2 - Converted/detailed RTR locomotives

Winner: Hornby D49/1 4-4-0 by Alan Lancaster

“Warwickshire” nameplates. Vac pipes. Screw couplings

Bachmann JintyHornby D49/1 4-4-0

Second: Bachmann “Crab” 2-6-0 by Alan Lancaster

Horwich Mogul. Vac pipes. Screw couplings

Bachmann Hall Class bBachmann “Crab” 2-6-0
  Class 3 - Scratchbuilt and Kitbuilt DMU's and Rolling Stock

Winner: Park Royal Railbus by Phil Parker

Dapol kit. Branchlines motorising and detailing kit

Park Royal Railbus

Second: CCT by Phil Parker

Parkside kit

Bachmann JintyHornby D49/1 4-4-0
  Class 4 - Converted/detailed RTR DMU's and Rolling Stock

Winner: 6 Wheel milk tanker by Alan Lancaster

Lima model with added Vac pipes and screw couplings

6 Wheel milk tanker

Second: Metropolitan Cammell DMU by Gerard Pearson

Hornby model with extra detail

Metropolitan Cammell DMU
  Class 5 - Scenic items (Ahern Trophy)

Winner: Stone bridge by Christopher Rabson

Scratchbuilt, mainly of foamboard and Polyfilla. Painted using water colours

Stone bridge

Second: GWR Halt by Eddie Huges

Scratchbuilt Hut, lamps & sign

GWR Halt

More photos from the 2010 AGT